Saturday, February 14, 2009

Here we go...

After lots of motivation from colleagues now is the time: I will start my own blog.
Why? Is anybody interested in what I learn and see in my life? Maybe. 
So many times in the last years I learned things through blogs, recipes and private websites where people documented rather petty findings, or procedures that were useful for me, that I felt guilty for not sharing my own experiences.
Without other people's blogs I couldn't sync my phone, use most of the software or build funny electronic things like my barograph.

What will I blog about? Mostly it will be my work experience as a Systems Engineer with Sun. Technical stuff about MySQL and the tool ecosystem around it, Solaris, maybe a little hardware as well. I left the field of hardware some months ago after nearly ten years. But sometimes there are things with hardware that are so crazy, that I MUST blog about it... e.g. Brandon discovering that harddisks are emotionally sensitive. Do not shout at your disks!

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